Together we are building a new kind of world and a better way to live.

Become a Companion

When you join the abbey you become a companion of the abbey. Companions are ready to practice and explore themes that connect to and impact our everyday lives. If you are longing to explore and learn how God is inviting us to reweave Christian life together in the realities of everyday life - then join us!

Companions can join individually or with other people from your faith community.

Be part of a dispersed community who are exploring and engaging our deeply rooted practices and traditions and how we live them out in our everyday lives.

Join with companions for encouragement and learning for the sake of God's world.

Participate in a wider network of companions seeking to live as powerful demonstrations of an alternative order.

Stay Connected!

We will give you a shout when the abbey begins accepting companions in early 2019. Thank you so much for your interest in the abbey.