Together we are building a new kind of world and a better way to live.

The Team

Everyday Abbey has emerged out of numbers of relationships and primarily those of the team below. We have worked together, we live in the same city, and we continue to be challenged, surprised and committed to discovering how we live faithfully in the ordinariness of our everyday lives in a rapidly changing and challenging environment.

We are the engine behind the abbey and our desire is to continue to invite others in various ways to participate in shaping what lies ahead. We are excited to learn what God has in store for us all on this adventure.

Fiona Watts

I have been part of a church community since before I can remember and I've been part of church leadership, in some form or other, since I was a teenager. For me, though, living a life of faith is about more than showing up to a church building on a Sunday morning. It's about more than chairing meetings, launching new programs or planning worship services. For me, living a life of faith is about how I live my life everyday. Do my interactions with others demonstrate Jesus' call on my life to love my neighbour? Does my living reflect confidence in God's hope and God's sufficiency? Am I paying attention to the movement of the Spirit in the choices that I make? I believe we need to ask these kinds of questions together because God works through us when we are in relationship with others.

My everyday living is rooted on the North Shore of Vancouver where my husband and I have lived for nearly 20 years. Our children are invested in our local high school, community sports and music. I love singing, getting lost in a good book and soaking in our beautiful city.

Sara Jane R. Walker

God’s call on my life has continued to shape, form and disrupt the simple and deeply profound practices of my daily life. My preference is often to wrestle with ideas - but the messiness of life is where I continue to encounter the Spirit molding me. I am learning to let go of the “making life work” mantra and am discovering a richer, life-giving way of following Jesus. The seeds of the abbey has been germinating in me for years and I am deeply grateful for the partners and this space to wrestle, practice and learn alongside others discovering new life in loving neighbours, play, presence, difference, rest and so much more of the fullness of what God has created us for.

I live with my husband and three kids and extended family. I love my neighbourhood. I can walk to school, shops, gym, hospital, parks, trails and the beach. I volunteer locally, dragon boat race, run a side gig selling vinyl with my husband, knit, love a good fantasy novel and have been known to get a little too invested in politics from time to time.

Alan Roxburgh

My life has been shaped by a search to understand what it means to be part of God's movement. Formed in the inner city of Liverpool, I immigrated to Canada in the 60s. As a young pastor I saw that church growth was mostly a "circulation of the saints" as my generation no longer saw the church as a meaningful response to the unravelling of Western societies. As a teacher, writer and consultant I sought to address this question of being the church in a massive unravelling. Those experiences convinced me that the Spirit is fermenting a movement of God's people than can no longer be contained in narratives of renewal, reform or the fixing existing systems. Ours is a time of refounding. This refounding is about the words of Antonio Machado - caminante no hay camino. Se hace camino al andar (Traveler, there is no path. You create the path as you walk). Like Abram and Sara, we're now called to discern how the Spirit is forming God's people for the sake of the world. This is the journey I find myself on, making a path with fellow pilgrims to discern what God is doing out ahead in our neighbourhoods and communities.

Theme Companions

Many of the abbey themes will be joined by a theme companion. This person believes that how we live our everyday lives utterly matters and they are intentionally trying out things - taking action - to discover how we can contribute to God’s reweaving of social and communal life. They are people deeply rooted in the practices and traditions of our faith.

Theme companions join us for a specific theme and participate in the webinar and The Commons. They also participate in an Open Forum where we invite the wider community to listen in on what we are doing and learning together in the abbey.

Stay tuned as we introduce our theme companions for 2019!