Taking Time

July 30, 2018By Alan RoxburghTime

Being part of this Everyday Abbey conversation around Time helps me to continually wrestle with the question of time – how is my life best ordered around rhythms that help me step off the treadmill of seemingly endless demands into a different order of life? Over the last month or so, by making time for … Read More

Timely Wisdom

July 23, 2018By Sara Jane R. WalkerTime

During my growing up years I spent a few days on my own with my grandmother each summer. She was a force to be reckoned with and often exhausted me with her energy and activity. One of the many gifts she gave me was sharing her deep love of Jesus in and through her everyday … Read More

Taking Time to Listen

July 17, 2018By Fiona WattsTime

There have been a few changes in my neighbourhood over the past few months.  Our immediate neighbours on, both sides, are new.  On one side, the original owners moved out after nearly 40 years and a young family moved in, bringing with them all the energy and vitality that a 3-year-old little boy exudes!  On … Read More

Taking Time to Be Still

July 10, 2018By Alan RoxburghTime

Recently, Everyday Abbey had a conversation with Karen Reed around the question of time (https://everydayabbey.org/time/). Wherever I talk with people about the call for Christians to form a way of life around practices, such as the daily office, their response is almost universally the same – “I’d love to, I know it’s important but I … Read More